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The Mathreex platform combines the features of a powerful LMS with our ABS accredited courses and a unique assessment tool that returns value.

Mathreex Modules

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Mathreex Modules
Management Learning Management System System Learning Mobile App Offline Learning Courseware Theta Training Center Certification American Bureau of Shipping Dynamic Assessments Returned Value


With our LMS, you can manage your courses and learners effectively. You can also analyze course results and draw insights to improve your training offerings and tailor them to your employees.

Learning Management System

A learning management system, or LMS, is a software application designed to help create, manage, and deliver training programs to your audience. It serves as a central platform to train, assess, and track the progress of learners in your organization.


Our LMS provides an integrated system that automates the creation and delivery of training materials, provides learners access to the content, and helps you track and evaluate their performances.


Our LMS tool serves as a single source for online courses and training materials in your organization. It provides a platform to simplify learning and increase the overall expertise of your business.

Mobile App

Mathreex mobile learning App enables learners to access the digital learning content and performance support resources they need whether they're in the office, at home or travelling.

Offline Learning

Using our Mobile App, the learner can access their training material even when they are offline !


Mathreex provides over 100 maritime courses that are designed to meet the technical and management needs of shipowners, managers, and operators of marine and offshore assets.

Theta Training Center

Mathreex's courseware is created by Theta Training Center. Our mission is to provide quality maritime training courses to our customers with education & training services meeting or exceeding their needs. Our experienced staff deliver a broad range of courses and training programs, for both onshore and onboard positions.


Mathreex provides completion certificates for the courses offered to the learners.

American Bureau of Shipping

Our training has been approved, certified and monitored by ABS.

Dynamic Assessments

Mathreex uses a unique assessment tool to create tailored made questionnaires with auto-generated personalized reports.

Returned Value

Through our assessments tool, learners are evaluated and their training paths are altered based on their personal needs.

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